Our Story

Its our love affair with the soulful Rajasthan that began very early as we were growing up in this beautiful state of India…..and the romance continues till date. Rajasthan is blessed with a rich cultural heritage and its opulence never fails to mesmerize anyone who visits this vibrant state. Rajasthan’s blocks & weaves, colors & traditions have been an inseparable part of our lives no matter where we’ve lived. We’ve grown up reveling in the richness of the state as reflected in its culture & traditions, myths & folklore, food & dresses, forts & palaces and so much more. The term “Rangila” has been quintessentially attached to this vibrant place and why not! The richness, vibrancy and warmth of colors in the ecosystem of this otherwise desert state gives you a reason to be resilient and celebrate life in all it colors and flavors.

The timeless beauty of Rajasthani block prints has reigned supreme over the fashion trends across the globe. We are proud of our artisans who so skillfully and soulfully use their senses of touch, sight and smell to imprint on the vast canvases of fabric, the most wonderful patterns and motifs. The idea to start Sandlore in April 2021, emerged amidst a complete lockdown in Jaipur with an intention to help the artisans who were engaged in hand block printing. The pandemic had taken a toll on their livelihoods and caused their workshops to be shut down for almost a year. Many of them were forced to migrate to their homelands with no security of getting their jobs back. As things had started to return to normalcy slowly and gradually, few were returning back to their only source of income that is hand block printing.

Somewhere in between our thoughtful conversations over the migrant laborers, we were struck by a thought to utilize this opportunity to connect their work with people who love this craft. We decided to send a few of the products made by the artisans to US, where one of our founding members’ is residing. The response we got in the local market as well as in the US was very motivating and with this as our inspiration we gave form to the idea of Sandlore.

The fabrics printed by these artisans of Sanganer, Bagru, Amber, Ajrakhpur etc. are designed into exquisite pieces for our clients by our tailors and designers. Our endeavor is to bring the beauty of this timeless craftsmanship to your wardrobes and add splashes of colors to your homes.


Shabana Khan ( Founder ) 

Shalu Bindal ( Co - Founder )   
Shanu Bindal ( Co - Founder)